Top 4 Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

1) Saved Money

Not everybody actually understands how much money does these Friday and Saturday night-outs cost. By being sober, you could use your alcohol money for a lot of better, self-improving things, like investing more in your business, buying some new clothes, starting some new, interesting activities for yourself and your family, getting some exotic food for your dinner.

2) Better Relations with your Friends and Family

Drinking does a huge negative impact to our social lives. By quitting drinking, relations with our closest people eventually would become better. I’m not talking about your so-called friends who call you only when they’re throwing crazy house parties and want you to join their drinking activities. I’m talking about your parents, children and other close people – they’ll start to look at you from entirely different point of view, respect you more. You’ll receive positive compliments about how you’re changed, and trust me – it’s worth of it, because nothing is so valuable as your family.

3) Health Improvement

If you are a moderate or heavy drinker, you should really know how bad does a severe hangover feel. Logically thinking, if you feel bad, there’s always something wrong with your body. And it’s in this case, too – alcohol does a huge negative impact to our health condition. You could probably feel good in general when drinking a lot in weekends, but time does it’s thing and your body is literally breaking down day by day – your kidneys, liver, heart, blood vessels all are suffering badly.

4) Progress in Every Area of Life

Quitting drinking let’s you explore the world an entirely different point of view. It will probably take time, but you will see things in another perspective. You would be able to work more productively, spend more time with your family, drive your car at every given moment not risking with lives, waking up without any headache and other hangover symptoms etc. Being sober would give you a brand new, very beautiful…

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