Top 3 Rules of Changing a Job to Avoid Any Inconvenience

Changing your job is not an easy task.  Especially in this competitive age, it is indeed imperative to quit your job the right way so as to avoid any inconvenience to yourself as well as your employer. Taking this decision in the first instance is quite a difficult task as a number of factors are to be taken into consideration. You need to reconsider whether your decision for changing your job is right or not. You also need to consider as to how you would manage your finances during the transition. Further, one is also required to adhere to some basic policies relating to notice period, clearing of dues, etc. before quitting any job and joining a new one. Here’s providing you with top 3 rules of changing a job which can prove to be really helpful at every step of changing your job:


The first rule is regarding properly serving the notice to leave the job. It is rule in almost every company that a 30 months prior notice is to be given before resigning from the job. This notice is to be served in written form in order to inform your employer beforehand regarding your intention to resign from your job. It is quite important to serve this notice as you can easily finish your pending tasks as well as handover your key responsibility areas to the next person who is to hold your post.  This helps maintain the operations of the company without any break due to this job transition.


The next rule is to clear your dues and accounts with the company before leaving the job. After serving notice, you can be sure to get your salary for the last working month. This aspect is to be kept in mind as numerous companies have this clause in their employment policy that if the candidate resigns from the job without serving a proper notice at least 30 days before leaving their job, then his salary for the last working month shall be withheld. 


Third rule is regarding following proper procedure for joining a new job so as to avoid any inconvenience. It is…

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