Top 10 US Places to Retire

There are a lot of great places in the United States for retirees, people who want nothing else but comfort—and lots of sunshine. Fortunately, there are several towns that fit the criteria. The ideal places for people past the working age are those with mild climate and good environs. These are the 10 best places to retire in the country.

Flagstaff, Arizona

The best things about this city are its altitude and low humidity. Nothing attracts the retirees more than the pleasant climate of this place, which enjoys sunshine more than three-quarters of the year. However, despite the abundant sunshine, it seldom gets too hot. Temperatures rarely go above 90 degrees in summer. Snow does not stay too long on the ground, too, in winter.

Traverse City, Michigan

If retirement gives images of quiet mornings in a balcony and views of a serene lake, then Traverse City in Michigan is a recommended spot. There are lots of spectacular views to behold and enjoy. Take, for instance, the freshwater beaches and the high sand dunes. Properties by the lake come at reasonable cost.

Walnut Creek, California

It is not hard to recommend Walnut Creek as one of the 10 best places to live for retirees.In fact, more than25% of the population is made up of retirees. There is an interesting blend of nature and urban facilities. The business district consists of deluxe restaurants and luxury shops. A visit to the Lesher Center of the Arts would also be fascinating. However, cost of living in the Bay Area may be high.

Boone, North Carolina

The view of the Blue Ridge Mountains may be enough for resting elders, who simply want to enjoy their lives. But if staying in Aspen is not quite economical, then Boone should be the right alternative. Nearby ski resorts are fun places to be. So, those who like skiing, hiking, snowshoeing may find Boone to be the perfect place. The small town only has 14,000 residents. Take note of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a national parkway famous for the breathtaking scenery it…

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