Top 10 Reasons To Sell Your Security Alarm Accounts Or Entire Business

If you own a security alarm business, you may have spent a few minutes thinking ‘What would it be like to sell my business?’ or ‘Would it be better if I could sell some of my accounts and re-invest the revenue?’ Or maybe you have been too busy running the business to even think about an alternative. In either scenario, it could benefit you to see what options may be out there for selling your security business or just your accounts. To help motivate you to look into them, here are the Top 10 reasons you may want to sell your security business or accounts.

  1. Add more liquidity to your business – With more ‘on-hand’ cash you can invest in training, equipment and new technologies a lot quicker.
  2. Start down a path towards retirement – By selling accounts you will free up time to spend on your other passions.
  3. Retire – Sell the entire business outright and head off to your dream retirement. More free time and money can allow you to do many of the things that you dream of.
  4. You may not find better terms to sell in the future – Now may be the time to sell. It may not be, but you may kick yourself down the road if you don’t explore what you can get for your accounts of business today.
  5. Keep the business running without the responsibility of running the company – Sell the company but stay on as an employee. There are quite a few different scenarios you can set up for yourself to stay on. And any way you slice it, you get to stay with the company you helped to build and keep an income while giving others much of the responsibility.
  6. Did we mention that this could be your big step towards a happy retirement? Sometimes you need another moment to think if now is the time to retire.
  7. Sell some accounts outside your main service area so you can focus on your core market. – Maybe you have stretched your business to far for your liking. Take a look and see if there are select types of accounts or service areas where someone else may do a better job. Sell those accounts and help refocus…

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