Top 10 Must Have Fashion Evergreens for A Lady

There are two ways to stay updated with the concurrent trends. First is that you keep updating your wardrobe frequently, but this has its own limitations. One cannot keep buying new stuff and discarding old ones, entirely. So here we have got you a secret way out. There is a second way that requires you to buy some evergreen must have clothes and accessories which you can mix, match and flaunt off. With this you can buy a few of the hot trends every season and blend these along with them to keep your friends guessing, the secret behind your ultimate style.

  • Black Blazer- A tailored classic black blazer has survived the rush of fashion, year after year, from ages. Its sophisticated, elegant, classic and every inch feminine. Match it with shorts or jeans, skirts or dresses, halter neck or shoulder less; it goes well with almost everything. It suits every figure, enhancing curves and camouflaging flabs and love handles. You just have to make sure it fits you well, perfectly wrapped around the small of your back.
  • Frame style dark colored bag- A frame style classic bright hued bag with top handle and detachable chain is a must buy. You can even take those textured skin glossy finish ones, just take care that you don’t opt for neon or perky colors that are in vogue for a short term. Instead, you can buy classic blood red, glossy black, snakeskin patterned, or a nice maroon. The detachable chain gives you the advantage of making it suitable for every dress. Take it as a side sling with white t-shirt and tattered jeans or as a box clutch with your favorite evening dress. P.S. its maintenance free as well.
  • Leopard print scarf- Drape it around your neck, or wrap it like a neck piece, play around with tying styles, to add charms to the simplest of dresses. Something as boring and formal as a white Chinese collar blouse with grey/black pencil skirts can be played around with, by tying it in a rose knot towards the right side of your neck. Pair them with long…

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