“Too Sophisticated” Singer JoAnna Michelle Offers Help to Melania Trump in Fight to Stop Bullying

JoAnna Michelle sings “Too Sophisticated” to the bullies!

I would be happy to help First Lady Melania Trump with her platform, if she is actually really serious about it all. The time to really do something about the bullying epidemic is now!

With pop star JoAnna Michelle and the world listening intently, First Lady Melania Trump, took the stage at the United Nations yesterday (9/20) pleading for a kinder and softer cyber-world and a more compassionate social existence. Echoing the theme of JoAnna Michelle’s Billboard Top-20 hit single “Too Sophisticated,” Ms. Trump stood up with courage for all the global victims of cyberbullying. JoAnna, herself, has been the victim of relentless bullying and terrorizing cyber-attacks for many years. Taking aim at her predators, songstress JoAnna Michelle put all of her violators on warning with the jaunty lyrics of “Too Sophisticated”—a power-anthem for cyberbully victims everywhere. Check out “Too Sophisticated” on iTunes now.

“I want to help Melania! It is about time that someone in the White House actually undertook this heinous crime of bullying,” states pop princess JoAnna Michelle. “It’s a serious problem everywhere in the world and some teens even lose hope and commit suicide over the antagonism. It has all got to stop…and I suspect Melania knows her husband, our President, needs to change his ways too. Bullying of any kind is never acceptable!”

During the U.N. luncheon, Melania Trump was quoted as saying, “By our own example we must teach children to be good stewards of the world they will inherit.” This statement raised some eyebrows and pointed fingers at her husband Donald Trump for the bullying ways he practices on social media and public platforms to attack his adversaries and critics.

Well, JoAnna Michelle, a very good steward of the world, believes that everyone deserves to live a happy life—a life free from bullying. She wrote and recorded her hit single with Marty Bowie because she was ready to take a stand and let the callous bullies know that their victims are “Too Sophisticated” to even allow the harassment to bother them. JoAnna Michelle wants to see an end to bullying now!

JoAnna Michelle states: “I have…

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