Tompkins International – Key Takeaways From Alibaba’s Gateway ’17 eCommerce Conference

Jack Ma and Michael Zakkour, VP, Tompkins International

Tompkins is well positioned to help U.S. companies best understand China’s markets and getting their products to these markets efficiently and effectively, through proven cross-border strategies and solutions.

On June 20th and 21st, Alibaba Group held its inaugural Gateway ’17 eCommerce conference in Detroit, Michigan, where more than 3,000 U.S. small businesses, entrepreneurs, and farmers attended the sold-out event to learn about Chinese consumers and the role Alibaba Group, the world’s biggest eCommerce company plays in helping to engage them through eCommerce.

Gateway ’17 was organized by Alibaba, the State of Michigan, the City of Detroit, and dozens of sponsors and supporters in order to help U.S. small businesses, entrepreneurs, and farmers to sell their products to consumers around the world. The event empowered these attendees, through presentations by experts, to take the first steps to selling in China.

Tompkins International was a Gold Sponsor at the event. Michael Zakkour, Tompkins’ VP of China/APAC & Global eCommerce Strategy was one of the designated “Key Opinion Leaders” in relation to China, eCommerce, and retail. He was invited to inform attendees about the importance of China’s 800 million consumers and to describe the market’s future growth and profitability. He described the key role eCcommerce and Alibaba play in reaching those consumers.

Some of the key highlights and takeaways from the two day conference include:

  • China is home to 650 million online consumers, soon to be 900 million online consumers.
  • Alibaba Group is committed to helping businesses of any size easily conduct business anywhere in the world…

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