Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva, Launches Couture Jewelry Collection at Paris Gallery

Photo Credit: Susanne Ollmann

I’m a girl from Oklahoma who grew up with big dreams – two of my favorites rings in the collection are I Believe I Can Fly and The Diva Knuckle Buster.

Laurence and Denis Vauclair-Rouquette are founders of Galerie Vauclair, one of the most important galleries in Europe, specializing in art, ceramics and rattan from the 1850 to 1900’s. They quickly saw the synergy between their vision and Clark Haines’, and proposed she launch her jewelry collection at their gallery. Galerie Vauclair has developed a reputation for being at the epicenter of artistic life in Paris; their exhibitions offer a blend of originality, fantasy and glamour – the same adjectives often said of Clark Haines.

Inspired by the lush, exotic Galerie Vauclair as a backdrop and enhanced with hand-painted silk wallpaper from Frommental, Clark Haines conceptualized a tantalizing and decadent pop-up shop showcase to debut the TCH Collection during Paris Design Week.

The TCH Collection offers one-of-a-kind, bespoke semi-precious and precious couture jewelry. All pieces in the collection are handmade and personally designed by Clark Haines and her business partner, May Au of Madame Siam. The studio accepts personalizations to pieces in the collection and custom designs, which they translate into wearable art.

A self-professed jewelry addict, Clark Haines explains why her 1st collection features rings:

“Rings are my favorite accessory. They are the thing I wear for myself. When I wear a ring I see it all day long, typing on my computer, driving my car or enjoying a cocktail.

“Just 10 years ago De Beers launched an advertising campaign, ‘Women of the World Raise your Right Hand’. The promotion signified power and independence, and encouraged women to buy jewelry for themselves.

“Naming each ring is an important part of my design process – two of my personal favorites in the collection are I Believe I Can Fly and The Diva Knuckle Buster. I want to continue that message of personal empowerment — at a price that is affordable luxury.”

While the TCH Collection focuses on Clark Haines’ designs, she will also offer a selection of pedigreed vintage and antique finds. Of prominence is the ‘Ara’ collection by…

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