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We’re hearing for the first time from star quarterback Tom Brady about a concussion controversy. You remember his wife supermodel Gisele bundchen commented postseason he suffered from one leading up to the super bowl and the new England patriots quarterback who just turned the big 4-0 staying silent until now and Ron has the story. Good morning again. Good morning again those comments coming from Brady while he was speaking to reporters. The new England patriots quarterback fielding questions about that concussion he may or may not have suffered and also talking about the physical risk inherent in playing football. He’s pro football’s biggest star with five super bowl rings and more than 450 career passing touchdowns. As Tom Brady celebrates turning the big 4-0 — All: Happy birthday to you. Reporter: He’s promises fans that age won’t force him from the game. I’ve never thought about not playing, so at least till my mid-40s, I said so that’s a pretty good goal. Reporter: For the first time addressing his wife’s comments. He had a concussion last year, I mean, he has concussions pretty much — we don’t talk about — but he does have concussions. Reporter: She even suggested he had suffered an unreported concussion this past season. I don’t think that’s anybody’s business. Reporter: Brady says he is well aware of the risks of his sport. Well, I think, you know, you’re not blind to it as a player but it’s a contact sport and I think we all understand that and there’s a lot of great benefits that football brings you. Certainly going to be put in harm’s way. Reporter: On his 40th birthday on Thursday Gisele posting this picture to Instagram writing happy birthday my love making 40 feel like 20. The MVP quarterback says to keep feeling like 20, he’s got to playbook for growing old too. I’ve had to be smart about, you know, what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. You know, the routine changes because your body changes and you’ve got to be smart as you get older. Brady certainly one of the durable players in the NFL but his comment or no comment about whether he has a concussion comes as the NFL prepares to pay hundreds of millions to former players who claim the league concealed the dangers of head injuries 18,000 ex-players have registered for those payments. So many accept all the risks that come along with it. Coming up the aforementioned oysters.

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