To Be Custom Canvas Sneakers Fiend

Are you a canvas sneakers fiend, who just can’t get enough of the latest sneakers from Converse or Vans? Are you also crazy with collecting more and more canvas sneakers but the only thing can stop you is financial pressure? Well, for me canvas sneakers are not only for walking, or for collection, but also for painting. Actually, you can custom your own sneakers with some idea totally personal.

Eyes are windows into your heart. Your shoes and clothes are windows into your personality and lifestyle. Why not customize a pair of unique sneakers to speak out about yourself, to express your personality. If you are good at painting, you can do it yourself. Or get help from artists who provide customizing service. You can choose shoes style yourself, the fabrics, the patterns and colors. There are many artists who love creating distinctive shoes. They usually come up with some amazing ideas. You can search the artists on deviant or etsy, or just on And here I would catch this chance to introduce ourselves to you, shoemycolor studio. We are a professional team to come up with personalized idea to get your shoes customized. See the following pictures are newest customizing works. They are requested to paint with Pokeman theme. Customer provided the image first and then we did that work after basically communication.

Except for customizing shoes, there are a lot of stuffs can be hand painted and be characteristic. Things like bags, shoes, scarves, hats, T-shirts and so on are ideal for customizing. The most prominent in the art of customizing sneakers is having them painted. If you are thinking of an excellent and special gift idea, that might be a good inspiration. Gifts for birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Thanksgiving, such a unique gift will definitely stand out. However, compared to hand painting, print on bags or T-shirt may be better. As you know, clothes and bags have relatively large space to finish patterns. If you just use 100% hand painting, trust me that would take very long time. However, shoes are very suitable for hand painting, especially Converse all star, Vans slip on or Nike Sports shoes. Converse Chuck Taylor always releases some special products, printed on some fashionable elements. But they are printed, not as special as hand paint.

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