Tips to Lock down Your iPhone or iPpad for Kids

It becomes extremely difficult for you to restrict your child from using your iPhone or iPad considering the craze of games and gadget among today’s children. The apps, games and other media features in your iPhone make the device quite fascinating for the kids. But is your kid mature enough to use the device rightly? Of course not!

There are many cases where children have spent dollars for in-app purchases without the knowledge of their parents. Also, there can be many stuff or apps in your iPhone or iPad that are for your personal use and you don’t want your kids to have access to those. In such a condition setting parental control on your device is extremely important.

Listed below are some of the very useful tips to lock your iPhone or iPad for kids, so that they have access to only those things which are justified to their age.

Set up a Pass Code

The first and foremost important tip is to make your device pass code protected. This will restrict your kids from turning on your device without your notice. It is a common scene in every house that when adults get busy doing other household stuffs children start using the phones of adults without their consent.  

So, if you want to prevent your kids from using the phone, then the best way is to lock it up with a pass code that is known to you only. In such a condition, whenever your kid will be in a mood to use your phone, he/she have to get it unlocked by you only.

But, using a pass code is just the first-line defense and it doesn’t put any check on errant purchases. It is just a way through which you will always get to know when your kids or someone else is using your phone, because you only have to unlock the phone using the pass code.

To set a pass code, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Keep the simple Pass Code option off. A simple pass code is just a four-digit number. Modern day tech savvy kids can quickly judge and learn those four digits by carefully analyzing your…

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