Tips to Create a Room With A View

We all consider our home as a destination of peace, happiness, safety and look forward to going back to it every time. But those elements can for a toss if proper space planning is not done. The sense of being uncomfortable at home when lighting is scanty and reoccurring feeling of congestion many may have undergone.

Human beings generally love comfortable places. They crave for space but also to fill it with beauty and meaning. For that Interior designs help a lot in the following way. It makes life
• Comfortable
• Productive
• Happy

Importance of Interior Designers

In space planning Interior Designers are the ultimate. They can plan your space aesthetically and make you feel more comfortable in a house or office. When you feel uncomfortable, it is the quality of life that takes a knock. The sense of dissatisfaction affecting the nerves can pull down your productivity and economy in the log run. While planning the Interior Design  process of a home one must consider it is essential to think of what must be in what must be out. A slew of tips below can help you to decide what design you can come up.

Glass Walls

More and more architects and Interior Design Service consultants are advocating walls constructed entirely of glass! These days many housing projects include large areas of windows. The trend applies to both windows that open onto balconies and terraces with no other function whatsoever.
Pros and Cons
According to an Interior Design Company in London, glass has many benefits in terms of functionality and scope in interior design. It has both advantages as well as disadvantages.
Functionality: Glass surfaces emit significant heat. Energy-efficient homes cannot afford to use glass walls unless they are facing the sun, such as the south or southwest.

If you install large windows facing north, that becomes a waste as high energy bills are sure to come too besides the windows too costing heavily. So long-term energy costs must be more important than the…

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