Tips To Buy Canadian Ice Wine Online

The beauty of the internet is that you can buy virtually from it, including something as rare and royal as Canadian ice wine. Reputable wineries have their own online stores, from which you can buy almost any type of wine directly and with liberal doses of discounts. Still, ice wine is different from other wine varieties. The main hurdle is that it is produced only in a handful of wineries.

Here are some smart tips to buy the sweetest of all wines, but first a brief introduction of Canadian ice wine for the uninitiated is must.

Ice wines from Canada

It is estimated that Canada and Germany produce large chunk of ice wines. The Canadian state of Ontario can be labeled as the hub of ice wine production in the world. Ice wine is made from naturally frozen grapes, which means the grapes must be plucked from the orchards when the atmospheric temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius or below. The harvest is usually done at night and by hand.

These naturally frozen grapes are mashed and then fermented to make ice wine. When grapes are naturally frozen, its sugar and pulp are not frozen, but only the water and other liquid content freezes. When such grapes are mashed, a more concentrated and sweet grape pulp will be available for wine making, albeit in small quantities.

The extraction process that results in a small quantity of pulp, coupled with the requirements of climate and manual harvest at extreme temperatures, makes the ice wine a rare and expensive variety of wines. Unlike other wines, the freezing does not happen after the wine is practically made, but it happens before fermentation. As a buyer, you must buy from reputable and award-winning wineries for ensuring the authenticity of the product.

How to find a good online store for ice wines?

If you want to order wine online, you have plenty of options. However, if you wish to buy ice wine, buy only from wineries that have an excellent reputation. Check the website of the firm for the following things:

• The firm has…

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