Tips of Cardiologist to Make Heart Healthy

In these times of crisis, health takes a hit. We are more sensitive to stress, eat less and spend less time in the gym, according to 1 Cardiology University. These emit ten tips for adults to preserve his heart.

“We found that more patients complain of heart palpitations, anxiety or stress in recent years,” from the word of one cardiology prof. “Most heart diseases are preventable. This is why it is so important to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain his heartbeat.”

Tips of Cardiologist to Make Heart Healthy

Avoid fatty food and too salty. To save money, eat at home rather than dine out, cooking things simple and fresh. Maintain a stable weight: Obesity increases the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. A healthy diet and exercise program is the best way to maintain a normal weight.

Do not neglect medical care. Do not go to the doctor in case of symptoms is not good for your health in the long term. Studies show that individuals who stop taking their medicines to treat cardiovascular disease experience more risk of heart attacks and heart problems than those who follow the prescriptions.

Exercise. Even if you drop your training partners for subscription to the gym is too expensive, it is better to continue the sport, even in small doses. Walk around the neighborhood for example, or go swimming. Health experts recommend 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise. This practice helps to maintain a stable weight, tone your heart and to preserve diseases.

Stop smoking, and never again. This advice is good for the heart and wallet, given the price of a packet of cigarettes. Smoking increases the risk of heart attacks, stop smoking reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Reduce stress. Spend more time with family and friends, meditate. Life can be stressful, especially during periods of economic hardship. To prevent stress mitigate health, it is best to find a positive outlet, like exercise or meditation.

Morning Walk. It  gives you the best and fresh air which is better for…

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