Tips for Troubleshooting RV Generator Problems

Driving down the road looking for a place to stop off and camp as the pine trees fly by and the views keep coming like a rolodex of photographs.  This is what summer vacation is all about.  It’s about getting out there and seeing the country side and what better way to do that than from an RV?  You can drive your campsite around with you in search of that perfect spot right by the lake or you can map out days or weeks ahead of time the camp ground that you want to stay in.  Either way, the best way for an RVer to enjoy the outdoors is by purchasing and using an RV generator.

RV generators can make all the difference.  From giving enough power to light the campsite at night to running an electric skillet for pancakes and eggs in the morning, nothing quite completes a campout like having a genset standing by to run just about anything when needed.  But sometimes a generator unit might have some hiccups that need to be fixed even on the road and even though the unit may have been properly maintained all year long.

Most generators will operate and perform in a reliable fashion without any difficulties, but if trouble does happen there are some things to look for so that the issue can be focused on and taken care of.  Always look for a troubleshooting guide in your owner’s manual and keep this booklet nearby to your unit just in case you need it.  As usual, if the problem cannot be fixed take note of the model and your serial numbers and contact your manufacturer.

Take for instance a problem where the generator fails to crank or turn over.  This could be one of three things: a low battery, a bad connection to the battery or a fuse that is missing or blown out completely.  Another problem is that the genset only slowly cranks.  This could also be a low battery, a bad battery connection, the incorrect viscosity of oil being used or the generator is under load.  The last example is if the generator is exhausting and blowing out thick, black smoke. …

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