Tips for Hiring Childcare Workers

There aren’t too many jobs that hold a higher degree of importance than the childcare workers who are responsible for our children five days a week.  If you are in a position to hire childcare workers, it is imperative that you make sound choices and bring in employees that will do the job right. 

Here are some tips for hiring childcare workers that will help you match the ideal workers with the ideal workplace every time. 


Whether it is for a larger daycare center or a smaller, home daycare, a background check is an absolute must.  Anyone who wants to work with children must have one to know that they have a clean record and haven’t been involved in any criminal activity in the past.  Naturally, there are some offences that are worse than others, and while you may not be too concerned about something like a driving offence, anything that involves drugs or any type of abuse should raise major red flags. 


Knowing that your applicant has a clean background is paramount, but once that’s been established you’ll want to look into their education.  Look for applicants that have taken the required childcare schooling in your province or state, and only interview those that do.  Those types of courses are tailored to meet the demands of working in childcare, so you can feel confident that anyone who has made it through has the knowledge required to get the job done the way you want it done. 


Of course, book smarts don’t automatically mean you’ll be able to apply that knowledge effectively, so experience is also an important factor when hiring a childcare worker.  If an applicant has experience, you can speak to previous employers and gauge how they interacted with the kids and how they were thought of by co-workers and parents. 

Experience also means that they have seen all the different situations that can come up in a typical childcare situation, and are more adept at dealing with them.  You can also look for people that have dealt with the exact same scenarios you are looking to fill, such as toddlers, infants, etc. 


The personality of your applicant should go a long way toward guiding your decision for you.  It takes a special type of personality to work with small children everyday; with incredible patience, a sense of humor, creativity, a sense of responsibility, nurturing and enthusiasm.  This is where the personal references and past work reference will come in handy.  It isn’t…

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