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Woodbridge Tritons go up against the College Park Splash

The Woodbridge Tritons took on the College Park Splash on Saturday, June 24.

The Woodbridge Tritons had many standout swims, and finished the meet with 36 first places and 107 time improvements.

Woodbridge swimmers earning first place in all of their individual events were Rin Hoshina and Maya Nishizaka.

Tritons earning first place in two individual events were Amanda Anderson, Grant Gibson, Veronika Khudiakova, Molly McCance and Emma Reichert.

Woodbridge Tritons placing first in a single individual event were Evan Dettloff, Marley Hickson, Marc Koehler, Robin Koehler, Paisley Koh, Sean McCance, Mason Nguyen, Taryn Nguyen, Zoey Rodriguez, Aahana Soni, Daniel Wei and Zoe Wynn.

Woodbridge Tritons improving their time in all three of their individual events were Rogel Aguilar, Ian Chen, Yuval Fang, Jacob Gibson, Ryan Kuei, Alexandra Nicolau, Dylan Oh, Tej Patel, Ava Tran, and Lily Tsai.

Tritons improving time in two of their individual events were Josh Anderson, Noelle Bakas, Makenna Chung, Andrew Dinasan, Avery Ferrero, Peyton Ferrero, Grant Gibson, Corey Hickson, Timothy Kashani, Kylie-Lynn Le, William Lui, Sharon Ma,…

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