Time to Redefine Burgundy Wine Buying

Elden Selections

Born of a lifelong passion for Burgundy, Elden Selections is one of the few Burgundy wine merchants to live and work in the region. Offering an insider’s perspective and presenting an impressive roster of under-the-radar, small-production winemakers, this new website redefines the business of Burgundy, introducing customers, both expert or novice, to the culture and traditions that make Burgundy wine unique.

Elden Selections’ Home in the Heart of Burgundy

Dennis Sherman and Eleanor Garvin arrived in Burgundy from the U.S. over 30 years ago. They came to study French wine and food, and simply never went home. So Elden Selections has deep roots in Burgundy. And while they have since traveled the length and breadth of Europe, Burgundy has always been their home.

In 2014, they acquired and renovated a 17th century wine estate, the Domaine de Cromey, which is now the home of Elden Selections, both physically and spiritually. Cromey is the culmination of their lifetimes’ experience. Nestled in a quiet vale in the vines south of Beaune, it is arguably the premier destination for lovers of Burgundy, its wine, cuisine and natural beauty.

The new Elden Selections site not only takes you to Burgundy, it takes you to Cromey. There you’ll find the wines that are part of daily life, the recipes that make it memorable, and the stories that bring you to the heart of the region.


The new website features a fresh, sleek design, improved functionality, and enhanced rich content focused on the company’s mission to provide a world-class experience when purchasing Burgundy wine. The new site is now live at burgundywinecellars.com.

“Our business is generosity. We live to share our passion with others,” says Dennis Sherman, founder Elden Selections. “This new website immerses you in the culture we fell in love with and the place we call our home. Spend a day at Domaine de Cromey and you will understand. From the food we prepare for our guests, to the staggering natural beauty of the vineyards, to the cellar doors that are open to us that tourists never find, being part of Elden Selections is a lot like being at Cromey. A lot like being a Burgundian.”

OVERVIEW of Elden Selections New Website

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