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The Mercado da Ribeira is the oldest and largest food market in Lisbon, Portugal. The first references to its existence stretch back to approximately 1100, and over the centuries there have been earthquakes and fires and downturns in business. It moved to its current location in 1882, and is now more thriving than ever in its latest rendition as the Time Out Market Lisboa.

Surely, the generations that came prior could not have envisioned a world where a food and events magazine would run the market. But who better to trust to load up a market with the finest and most highly recommended vendors than the folks already busy eating and drinking their way across the city on your behalf?

“We had huge knowledge of restaurants and chefs and local cuisine,” says Catarina Mendonça Ferreira, a former Time Out journalist who now works with the market. “We wanted all the best, and everything here we know, and is approved.”

In 2010, Time Out won a competition held by Lisbon’s city council for the right to take over and renovate the market space, which had struggled in years prior. “We were looking for a space, and [the city] said they had a market they wanted to renovate,” Ferreira says. Time Out won a much larger space than they were originally looking for, and were even a bit surprised to get the nod from the city. Clearly though, it’s worked out well for both parties.

The new Time Out Market opened its doors in 2014, and quickly became a must-visit destination for any food lover in Lisbon. According to Ferreira, approximately 3.1 million visitors came to the market in 2016, making it the No. 1 tourist destination or attraction…