Three main aspects of your website design

Digital media have given birth to various creative jobs that existed nowhere a few decades ago. This has not only enhanced the employability odds but has also given an opportunity to learn about various interesting tasks to the present job seekers’ league. Website designing is one such area that has just evolved and has enormous prospects. Internet as a marketing medium for businesses has proven itself to be very successful while being economical.

The recognition and flexibility of usage that this medium provides to the businesses has encouraged them to get more and more involved in internet marketing practices. There are various aspects that define an ideal website such as easy navigation, proper functioning, fast operation and reliable as well as up to date information. Discussed below are some key features that need to be kept up with while designing a website:

The home page – According to many surveys, it has been found that the user forms 90% of the business image in his mind while he visits the home page. In a very short time interval of first 3 to 4 seconds, he decides if he wants to explore the website more or will leave the page. Depending upon the type of business, the home page of the business website has to provide the information the user is looking for either through text or via images. As a web design agency in Geneva, you need to cautiously choose one of these two because choosing the wrong one may also cause disasters. For instance, for a house painting business, pictures of beautiful structures can work but for websites that provide medical treatment, the visitors will look for information which should be posted on the home page right through.

The layout – The theme and the layout of the page also matters a lot. Too much information or very precise information – both of them are equally bad as the users generally look for to the point information. Many website owners ask for a layout that stuffs maximum information in minimum space…

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