Three Life-Saving ER Tips as “Trauma Season” Begins

2017 Emergency Care

Women make or influence 94% of all healthcare decisions for themselves and others

The beginning of summer marks the start of “trauma season” as more time spent on outdoor activities by children and adults alike contributes to a spike in ER visits. The Women’s Choice Award®, the leading healthcare referral source for women, highlights vitally important considerations when choosing where to go for emergency care near home and while on the go this summer.

1.    Know average “boarding” time.

While many hospitals promote average waiting room times, the time a patient spends waiting to be moved from the ER to an inpatient bed—known as “boarding”—can be critical. Studies from the American College of Emergency Physicians show that mortality increases along with the duration of ER boarding.

2.    Understand door to diagnosis capabilities.

The time from a patient’s arrival in the ER to intervention depends on various factors, including communication systems and advanced medical equipment, that can make all the difference in patient outcomes and lives. Know a hospital’s emergency care timeliness in treating strokes, heart attacks and other conditions where time is of the essence.

3.    Do your homework now.

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen to figure out where to go. If you have children, know which hospitals are best for pediatric emergencies, or if someone in your family has a pre-existing condition, check for specialists. And if you are traveling this summer, be sure to research the best hospitals for emergency care along with the best places to eat at your vacation destination.

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