Three Capital Mistakes on Machine Guarding

Throughout the ages, men always had machine guarding problems, even when machines weren’t nearly as developed as today. Pre-historically speaking, men had a different approach to machine guarding but they would still protect themselves. Hammering down a piece of bone or cutting meat with a stone axe, men would often cover their hands with a piece of leather – that was the beginning of machine guarding.

Well, throughout this article we will go over what are some of the most common mistakes modern men make when it comes to machine guarding and how a proper machine guard policy and employment can mean a lot both in health and safety terms, so read on and think about it while you are at it.

First Mistake: Underestimating the Machine Guarding Necessity

The first mistake is just this! Many employers and employees underestimate the need for machine guarding and often think of it as something for softies…”real men know how to work with the machines properly, they won’t get hurt” or “It’s not worth it spending some dimes on machine guarding as it is not going to be used and we are not forced by law to do it in this case” are some of the common thoughts about people who commit this first mistake, mainly because they don’t know what can happen, or didn’t have anything bad happen to them – well, that could change, so you should avoid this mistake at all costs.

Second Mistake: Not Considering the Risks

The second mistake comes with ignorance. Many people fail to see how their machines could hurt them without the proper machine guard, but often they find out the hard way with a labor related accident – and this is something you want to prevent at all costs, so you should ensure you have a stellar machine guard policy.

Third Mistake: Believing that the manufacturer has the responsibility of machine guarding

This is a third mistake that is very common; people think the machine’s manufacturers have the responsibility to machine guard their equipment…

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