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HOST: Jane Pauley 

It had us at “Hello”: The iPhone turns 10
In June 2007 Apple released the very first iPhone — an iPod, phone and Internet connection all in one, operated via touchscreen and as futuristic-looking as a sci-fi gizmo.  The earliest iPhone didn’t have all the features or apps it has today, but it was revolutionary nonetheless. 

David Pogue, of Yahoo Tech, who was one of the very first journalists to play with the iPhone before its release, reports on the history of the personal device that changed the world.

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ALMANAC: Jacques Cousteau
On June 25, 1997, the great ocean explorer and advocate died at the age of 87. Jane Pauley reports.

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A glassblower creates a work of Murano glass.

CBS News

ART: Murano glass
Glassmaking techniques were once a state secret in Venice, where, on the island of Murano, generations of glass makers have concocted exquisite works of art from a molten sand mixture. Today, the process may be common knowledge, but the craftsmanship and know-how of this Mecca of glass sets Murano an island apart. Seth Doane reports.

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Heart to heart
At age 24 Amy Silverstein developed a life-threatening condition and received a heart transplant. She survived with that heart, and wrote an acclaimed book, “Sick Girl,” but 25 years later it, too, began to fail.

She is now on her third heart, and has written a moving new book, “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends,” about how her family and friends’ support kept her alive. Lee Cowan reports.

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Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory, interviewed by correspondent Erin Moriarty.

CBS News

COMEDY: Dick Gregory: Living by example
The standup comic used humor as part of his activism — and taught his…

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