Fashion designers are taking their inspiration from outer space. The results are out of this world. Video by Suzy Fleming Leonard. Uploaded Aug. 3, 2017.

MELBOURNE, Fla. — The fashion industry is discovering what we in Florida have known for decades: Space is hot. Or should that be haute?

“Space is the new black,” said menswear designer Nick Graham, who introduced his “Life on Mars” collection during Men’s Fashion Week in January. Along with chiseled-jawed models in metallic sharkskin suits, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye the Science Guy walked the runway during the New York show.

Graham’s not the only one to enter the fashion space race. The June/July 150th anniversary edition of Harper’s Bazaar features a “Gigi Hadid’s Space Odyssey” spread shot at Kennedy Space Center.

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Coach has launched a line of NASA-inspired handbags, jackets, T-shirts and accessories. New York-based designer Vivienne Tam used the NASA logo in her spring/summer 2017 collection. 

“Chanel did a space-themed show two weeks after mine,” Graham said via email, “so I guess Karl Lagerfeld is on the same wavelength.”

Even Target has a line of shirts sporting the NASA logo.

“I love the (Coach) bomber jacket,” said Darcia Jones Francey of Melbourne, who tried it on at a Coach store in Miami. “I will probably purchase one of the smaller bags just to have one. It’s part of our local history.”

Not a cheap part of our history, mind you.

Sure, you can opt for a kid’s T-shirt at Target, which will run you $8.99. Or you can get a T-shirt/ball cap combo at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex for $19.99.

But if you want haute couture, it’s going to cost you. Coach’s Space collection includes a $95 purse charm and a space varsity jacket for $895. A black leather space jacket sells for $1,450.

The silver bomber jacket Aldrin wore during Graham’s show recently went for $2,250 during a live auction at Aldrin’s Apollo II Anniversary Gala at Kennedy Space Center. The event raised money to further Aldrin’s mission of educating the next generation of space explorers.