This Mountain Park Rises from Flat Land Up One of the Best Areas in Tanzania.

Visit Rubondo Island National Park can be easily added to the Tanzania Safari, because this is a small island located in the south-western section of the lake. This is a fascinating place to see birds and animals, water-based and other islands nearby. There are also larger creatures such as elephants, giraffes and chimpanzees. The rich volcanic soil allow for lush vegetation to flourish, and there are a lot of flair and a dense liana vines hanging around as well as dazzling orchids. The fact that the island is densely forested and uninhabited (except from a small fishing community) means that it is not very well known to tourists. In some parts of the island is rocky areas with palm trees.

Safaris in Tanzania Udzungwa National Park

This mountain park rises from flat land up one of the best areas in Tanzania. Tanzania safari visitors can see the lovely forest scenery with unique wildflowers and lichens, as well as monkeys, butterflies and birds. Tana River Mangabey Monkeys Udzungwa Red Colobus and. Bird watchers will be particularly interested to know that there are four species which are unique to Udzungwa National Park. There is also a rare shrew known as the Grey coated Seng. The forest canopy wet most of the year, so it does not really matter where you go, but avoid the most dirt, then go to the dry season from June to October. Typical Tanzania safari itinerary includes a flight to the capital of Dar es Salaam, and then a visit to Udzungwa National Park on the road to Mikumi National Park.

Park Regulations and Entry Requirements for your TanzaniaSafari

Tanzania safari Your company will always have their interests in the heart of butit is important that you can help them do their job in a few simple rules and regulations. First you should make sure that you always listen to the advice of their leaders and leave everything in the park as you find it. Do not litter, and includes cigarettes, or anything that can cause a fire. In case of any problem, go back the same…

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