This Million-Dollar Kickstarter Campaign Has Proved that the Shoe Industry is a Racket

After starting to pay attention to the construction of women’s shoes, I realized that it’s a racket.

Since Kickstarter’s founding in 2009, there have only been 254 projects that have reached $1million dollars in funding – in September 2017, Antonia Saint NY became number 255. Because of the continued demand worldwide, the Antonia Saint NY team announced their move to Indiegogo’s InDemand platform to continue pre-orders. Thanks to 7,000 backers worldwide, and growing, Antonia Saint NY is able to put their technologically advanced high-heels and flats into production.

After co-founding both THINX and Icon, Antonia Saint Dunbar’s announcement for her latest venture into the world of women’s solution products had consumers everywhere rejoicing. From the moment Dunbar initially posted the plan to launch Antonia Saint NY via social media, there was an overwhelming outpour of excitement and anticipation. For years, women had been forced to sacrifice comfort for fashion when it came to footwear, and Dunbar set out to challenge that notion.

“After starting to pay attention to the construction of women’s shoes, I realized that it’s a racket,” said Dunbar. “Either the shoe is overpriced, uncomfortable, and has no technology for proper support, or the shoe is cheaply made, and your feet pay the price. To address how shoes fail us as a consumer, there are all of these different products out there to make the shoe wearable – from inserts, tapes, adhesive cushions, and even numbing sprays – but this leads to other problems with fit and comfort. I knew there had to be a better way.”

For two years, Dunbar developed the patented SoftSurround System™ to solve the pain points she herself faced when it came to her footwear, and she consulted a leading podiatric surgeon to cover the other main areas most women face. Antonia Saint NY now offers consumers a re-engineered, classic-looking flat and high-heel designed to mimic the comfort of sneakers on the inside. The ‘Victoria High Heel’, which has a heel height of 3.5 inches, and the ‘Jane Autumn Flat’ both include this hidden technology and design, beginning with an outsole for maximum flexibility and shock absorption.

Both shoe styles are cushioned with…

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