‘This is Us’ star Milo Ventimiglia hints at what could happen to his character Jack in the season finale.

Spoiler alert: This story contains many details from Tuesday’s Season 2 premiere of This Is Us.

LOS ANGELES — As This Is Us viewers sorted out the big revelation about Jack Pearson’s death in Tuesday’s Season 2 premiere, a Hollywood audience had the best analytical help available: executive producer Dan Fogelman and the cast of the NBC hit drama.

They offered hints about the coming season and thoughts about the episode, whose final twist revealed that patriarch Jack’s death, a subject of huge fan speculation, results from a fire that gutted the family’s house.

Although the charred house provides one big answer, Milo Ventimiglia, who plays the father of three, said: “There’s still a lot of questions,” including the cause of the fire and whether Jack died in it or survived until later. 

“All the answers about how Jack died and seeing how Jack died, it’s all going to happen this season,” Fogelman said. 

Mandy Moore, who plays Jack’s wife, Rebecca, pointed to some intriguing clues introduced in the final minutes of the episode, which focused on Jack’s and Rebecca’s brief marital split in the past and their adult children trying to achieve life and career goals in the present.

She was referring to brief scenes involving the siblings in the aftermath of his death: Kate holds a dog, Randall has a girlfriend and Kevin’s leg is in a cast.

The stories behind those details and others will help in “figuring out a bigger piece of the puzzle (related to) this monumental event in the life of this family,” Moore said.

In order to keep the episode’s ending secret, producers didn’t provide an advance screener to critics and shot the burned house scene with Moore just a week and a half before the premiere at a location far from the show’s soundstages.

Fogelman said Moore nailed Rebecca’s primal wail at seeing the house on the first take….