This is the dumbest and most unfair thing to say about Chris Wallace…why do these haters come out of the wood work?

Now the New Republic thinks Chris Wallace is too close to Roger Ailes to moderate a debate? First, who knows if they are close?  How is that defined?  He worked for Ailes in a bureau 200 miles from Fox headquarters in NY.  Chris said that Ailes was a great boss for him and that he loved him.  And even if they were cordial, so what?  Should you not instead look at how Chris does his job?  Isn’t that the issue?

And does this mean that anyone who has ever worked for Roger Ailes, including Chris Matthews over MS/NBC, or the many others at other networks over decades, are now a target?  How far is this going to be taken?  Is this the new litmus test for fairness in how we do our work?

Plus, to make that allegation about Chris Wallace is just dopey.   It shows how pathetic some are, looking for a reason to criticize.  Where do they come up with this stuff ??

Have the critics ever listened to Chris Wallace?  Does he sound like he is for sale???  Influenced by anyone?   Of course not.   Anyone who watches Fox News Sunday would have enough sense not to write this about Chris Wallace.

You may not like everything that Chris does every time he is on air (no one does with any of us), but I assure you, he is not for sale and not looking to advance his career by moderating a debate.  If you watched the primary debates, you would know Chris just asks questions – never trying to be the story.

What a world we live in, right?  Chris, a straight forward journalist, was selected to moderate the debate, and now the insulters come out.  Go figure…

Would it not be more fruitful for the insulters to instead come up with good and important questions to ask the candidates for President and instead write about that?  Isn’t that more important than wasting time taking an unfair swipe at Chris Wallace?

By the way, yes Chris and I work in the same bureau in DC but we have not socialized once so this is not in defense of a colleague….this is in defense of decency and…

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