Third Generation Joins as Minalex Celebrates Fifty-Year Milestone

Three Generations Of This Family Owned Business Is Why Minalex Is A Trusted Partner For Aluminum Extrusions. (From left to right) Rob, Chris, Jim, Michael, Bobbi, Vicki, Joe.

Measured traditionally, a half-century is the passing of chronological time. Another way to gauge it is by the value and longevity of the relationships formed and sustained during that time. In that regard, few corporations can confidently say their strength lies in generations of family who share the same vision: to ensure that relationships create a prosperous, secure business for both company and clients. This long-standing principle is one that has been unwaveringly embraced for more than 50 years by the family-owned and founded Minalex Corporation, who today continues to be at the forefront of high-quality, custom aluminum extrusions.

The company’s long-term customer relationships have been built on a solid family core, with a keen sense of trust, honesty and reliability. These values provide an important backdrop for the components that Minalex manufactures, many of which are extremely sophisticated and complex. Over time, modern components for aerospace, medical devices, LED lighting, remodeling and the military have become increasingly demanding of precision tolerances that fit rigorous applications. Minalex has dependably met and exceeded these requirements at every turn.

What makes Minalex unique is not only the components it creates, but also the ways in which the family has played critical roles in the company’s overall success. Their diverse contributions at all levels are immediately evident by simply observing the titles held. From Founder, Jim, to sons Michael, as Director of Engineering Applications & Design, Chris, the company’s General Manager, and Vicki, Office Manager, to third generation Rob and Joe, Quality Control Specialist and Inside Sales respectively, commitment to quality and the highest standards is “priority one.”

Jim Casey, Founder and CEO, has been the driving force behind Minalex since 1965. His wife Barbie Casey also works in the business and has done so from the very beginning, when Jim also performed salesman and press operator duties. When their three children, sons Michael and Chris, and…

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