Things to Consider When Buying Bichon Poo Puppies for Sale

Bichon poo Puppies are really popular around the world. They are cute, and sociable. Now more than furry, cuddly bundle that is, the Bichon poo puppies for sale, is a favorite breed among many families with children. For one, it sheds very little and is one of few hypo allergic dogs. It’s great with children and bonds with the entire family. So besides on being trainable, this is vigilance also makes it an excellent watchdog. As with many other breeds, Bichon poo puppies are also trained at a very young age. In fact this is best to start training your prefer puppy as soon as you bring it at home.

When your first puppy arrives home, introduce your dog to the crate. Pick a right crate that’s roomy and comfortable. Now a good size crate one that’s big enough for an adult dog to fit in and turn around serves the purpose very well. Throw in an old towel or cozy comfort. Let your new dog get past the chewing stage before buying him anything fancy.

The crate can serve you well. For the best results however, you want your dog to view the crate as his own personal space, like you consider your bedroom. So use it only for pleasant things play, selecting, eating and never as a punishment. In time, your little ball of fur will recognize the crate as a safe and comfortable place. And when he does, this works to your advantage.  The crate helps in deterring your pet from going out of control when you are not at home.

Make your dog sociable with other puppies. This is the reason when you are out for walks carry it along with you. Your little puppy sees another dog. They are likely to be insecure. Unfortunately for small dogs, they manifest their insecurity by barking aggressively and howling, catching the other’s attention. So left on its own, your Bichon poo might find himself in a dog fight against a larger dog. That’s not a comforting thought. So when you are out with your dog for a walk, please keep in mind these things.

Keep your dog on a leash so that you remain…

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