‘They were very persistent’: CBC finds more cash-for-jobs immigration schemes – Saskatchewan

After a CBC iTeam investigation revealed that a Saskatchewan business owner was offered cash in exchange for a job offer to a Chinese national, three other people have come forward to report similar experiences.

Last week, CBC reported that Barb Reid, owner of a Fabricland in Prince Albert, had been approached by a representative of a Vancouver-based immigration consulting firm.

The man, Bill Sui, told Reid if she provided a letter offering a job to a Chinese national, his company, Vstar International, would pay the worker’s salary and benefits for three months.

Sui said the company would also pay Reid $15,000 cash as a “training fee.” CBC secretly recorded Sui’s entire offer to Reid.

Experts say it’s illegal to pay for a job offer letter.

When CBC contacted Sui, he initially denied having made a cash-for-job offer. When we pointed out we had recorded his phone conversations with Reid, he ended the call.

CBC recorded phone calls between Barb Reid and Bill Sui from Vancouver-based Vstar International. (CBC News)

When asked about Sui’s offer, VStar said he doesn’t work for the company.

In a text message, Vstar owner Nicole Sun said “we take any unauthorized use of our name very seriously, and are troubled by the allegations set out in your reporting.”

However, she was unable to explain why Vstar’s receptionist took a message for Sui and he called back a few minutes later.

After reading the CBC story, Barry Chessall, who owns a computer and security company in Nipawin, Sask., took to Twitter.

“Had the same scam presented to me at my business. They were very persistent,” he wrote.

Similar offer

Chessall said Sui stopped by Nipawin Computer Solutions last month and approached his wife, Debbie, asking if she would be interested in hiring Chinese nationals. She said Sui offered to pay the worker’s…

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