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Re: “Legislative, court actions have made politics harsh” [Opinion, June 25]: It must be difficult to be a far-left partisan like Kevin Modesti these days. Liberals control the vast majority of the print and broadcast news media, internet news and social media, Hollywood (including late night television), universities and even K-12 education. The left even gets a boost from taxpayers with the Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio. But even with all of that, when you consider the House, the Senate, the White House, governorships and statehouses, Democrats are in their worst political position in almost 100 years.

Rather than looking in the mirror for answers, leftists concoct rationalizations and excuses for their defeats — mainly, that the other side simply must be cheating. The Russians, gerrymandering, campaign finance laws, and even a blast from the past, the Fairness Doctrine, are given as reasons why Republicans keep on winning, rather than the far-left agenda which has been rejected across much of the country. As long as liberals continue to stick with the same messaging and “not get it,” they will continue to ride their party right into the ground.

— Jeff Thomas, Irvine

Is it a hoax or not?

Re: “Trump lashes out at Obama over Russian meddling report” [News, June 25]: President Trump’s reaction to the Washington Post’s revelation Friday, that as early as August 2016 the Obama White House was aware of Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to defeat or damage Clinton and help elect Trump, is further evidence of our President’s duplicity or incompetence.

Mr. Trump had consistently disputed that the Russians had interfered with the presidential election, calling it a “big Dem HOAX.”

Now he is demanding to know why Mr. Obama hadn’t acted more firmly to stop the interference. This and many other contradictory comments regretfully reflect our President’s complete lack of credibility. Even worse, it reflects…

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