They Aren’t Your Grandma’s Teacups

Lastra porcelain slabs add a touch of modern design to any outdoor project such as patios, pool decks, driveways and more.

The word “porcelain” brings up images of white tableware or dainty collectibles in an old curio cabinet. Those types of ceramics are made of a porcelain mix, but they wouldn’t be used to pave a driveway. Here are 3 things to know about porcelain paver tiles.

1.    Porcelain is actually an incredibly sturdy and durable material. The ceramic mix of porcelain tiles is stronger and even less porous than indoor porcelain tile. Porcelain kitchen and bathroom tiles endure wear and tear well, but porcelain paver tiles are so strong they can be used for residential driveways.

2.    A patio made with porcelain tiles will be more resistant to water damage, mold and scratches than one made with concrete pavers. Porcelain pavers are some of the most durable available and will last for decades. Many contractors prefer them to any other man-made surface paver.

3.    Porcelain tiles are perfect for high-traffic areas like patios and walkways but are also beautiful for indoor spaces. What kind of pavers and how they are installed are two important decisions in the process of installing an outdoor hardscape. These aren’t the same porcelain tiles you find in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. Porcelain pavers are stamped to resemble natural wood or stone. (An example of porcelain pavers is LASTRA pavers, offered by New Jersey stone manufacturer EP Henry.)

Hardscape patios, walkways or pool decks can have a major impact on the look and feel of a home. Outdoor pavers need to be tough against heat and sun and must resist the wear-and-tear of foot traffic. Rooms that sit adjacent to patios, with sliding glass or bi-fold accordion doors for access can have the same pavers inside as those installed on the patio outside. This design feature extends both areas for a beautiful fresh-air lifestyle. Matching the tiles in both spaces widens the feel of the indoor area and makes the outdoor area feel more like a true extension of the home.

Adapting your outdoor rooms to accommodate today’s environment and healthier lifestyles is not as challenging as it seems. Porcelain tiles are a good place to start.

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