These are our favorite coffee houses in Orange County – Orange County Register

Ever since that fateful party in Boston where tea was emphatically NOT the beverage of choice, America has embraced coffee. For most of us, it’s a ritual, a necessity and the first little pleasure of the day: that perfect cup of joe, whether all dressed up in foam, reduced to its essence in a tiny espresso cup, or served unadorned, black and sugar-free in a plain white cup.

Just as coffee drinkers develop preferences for how it’s prepared, we also gravitate toward those places that take extra care to get our brew just right.

Orange County is full of coffee houses whose names don’t start with “S” — friendly spots that reflect the values and personalities of the people that run them, dedicated men and women who can usually be found behind the counter on any given morning.

The Register’s Food team reveals its favorite coffee haunts.

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