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Over the last 14 episodes of “So You Think You Can Dance” on Fox, Irvine’s Lex Ishimoto has continued to impress. First it was judges Mary Marshall, Nigel Lythgoe and Vanessa Hudgens when he improvised his audition solo in New York. Then it was the All-Stars who watched all of the contestants during the Academy rounds. Now all of America has voted Ishimoto into the Top 4.

Looking back at the performances over the season, Ishimoto, labeled a contemporary dancer, has shown that basically every style is his style. These 10 routines quickly show why Ishimoto could be named America’s Favorite Dancer.

1.His Season 14 audition in New York

Ishimoto performed a contemporary solo infused with acrobatics and hip-hop to the song “Butterfly” by Rhett George that made Nigel Lythgoe say, “You, sir, are going to be a star.”


2. His solo performance in front of the All Stars

Several All Stars invited Ishimoto to join their team after watching his solo to “About Her” by Phazz. Jaws literally dropped and the “So You Think You Can Dance” alumni couldn’t help but cheer as Ishimoto showed off his musicality and inventive choreography.


3. His Luther Brown hip hop routine with partner Gaby Diaz

The first style of dance Ishimoto studied as a child was hip-hop, so it’s no surprise that he succeeded at this choreography, but what was unexpected was that he finally revealed that he does have a personality and it looks fun. You go, Lex!


4. His final solo of the season (or really any solo of the season)

You can always count on Ishimoto to perform a move that makes you tilt your head to the side in disbelief. Each 30-second piece is jam-packed with break dancing, ballet, hip-hop, and things we can’t even classify. Fall down the rabbit hole with this one and this one if you can’t get enough.

5. The Top 4 group number choreographed by Travis Wall and Chris Scott

Each of the Top 4 represents a different element. Ishimoto is water and he performs his opening solo with water all around him. He is a stand-out in the group portion of this routine as well.


6. His contemporary duet with partner Gaby Diaz

After performing Mandy Moore’s choreography, Ishimoto said on his Instagram “Tonight was something special. I think it may have changed my life.” The routine showed off Ishimoto’s technique and Lythgoe told him, “Your lines look like they’ve been created by an architect.”


7. His Broadway routine with Koine Iwasaki

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