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Nick Timothy promised that Mrs May threat to walk away without a deal if the negotiations turned sour was more than “just a slogan” and the Prime Minister was “prepared” to do it.

The former advisor told the Telegraph: “The country can trust her [Theresa May] to get the job done.

“The fundamental things that the country voted for, that we will leave the EU, control immigration, that the Court of Justice should have no jurisdiction in this country, that we should stop paying membership fees, I’m confident that those things will end.

“For all the talk from some people that we must seek some sort of partial membership of the European Economic Area or something like that, the intention of the Government has been clear from the beginning.

He added: “If you seek a partial relationship the danger is that you will be in the worst of all worlds, where you will be a rule-taker with none of the advantages of being in, but you will also sacrifice some of the advantages of being out.”

Mr Timothy discussed the reported feuds within the Cabinet around various Brexit issues and claimed that “if you strip out the noise” they are actually adhering to the strategy the Prime Minister set out in January.

In charge of co–writing the Tory manifesto the political aide was blamed for the parties election results.

The snap election had been sold as a way to strengthen the Parliamentary majority and therefore the negotiating position in tough Brexit talks with the EU.

Mr Timothy was adamant that Mrs May is still prepared to walk away without a deal.

He continued: “It would be a bad thing if we got into a situation where there was no deal for all concerned, but there are circumstances where Britain would have to be prepared to walk away. ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ isn’t just a slogan, it means something.”

The comments reiterate a leading member of the Government who previously told the Daily Express that the European Commission’s uncompromising demand that the UK continues to submit to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over citizen rights, trade, nuclear cooperation and other areas after Brexit “is a very, very big problem indeed”.

The senior minister revealed that there is “a very good chance” Britain could walk away from Brexit talks over Brussels’ stubborn refusal to back down over the rule of the ECJ.

Mr Timothy added that he takes responsibility for the “things that I was responsible for” in the election campaign that saw…

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