The World’s Most Feared Sea Creature – Shark

Sharks are one of the amazing sea creatures that have been around for a long time even before the existence of dinosaurs. In fact a study suggests that the shark species circled the earth’s waters some million years ago. These huge fish live in the ocean, all over the world and are one of the deadliest creatures living on the universe. There are about 440 species of sharks, identified in terms of their physical appearance, distribution, diet, habits and even colors. These diversified species range in size from small dwarf lantern shark, a deep sea variety to the whale shark, Rhincodon typus. The other different or well known species of sharks are great white shark, tiger shark, blue shark, mako shark and the hammerhead. Recently, a friend had blogged about their vacation adventure on the Australian coasts and had an experience of facing a shark. As I dug deep into the subject of sharks on my blazing fast Internet connected by Verizon FiOS Internet, I found few interesting facts about these amazing creatures.

Sharks are a cartilaginous fish that have a skeleton made of cartilage, a strong fibrous substance, instead of bone. Fishes of such type are categorized into a group called Elasmobranchii. Cartilaginous fish have silts similar to gills and breathe though the spiracles found on top of the heads of most of the sharks. The skin of sharks is tough and is covered in placoid scales or dermal denticles that can be described as small plates covered with enamel. Sharks have rows of teeth, with up to five rows in a jaw and the number of teeth may go up to 3000 at a given point of time. Since, the teeth of sharks do not have roots, the tooth usually falls out in a weeks’ time and gets a replacement within a day from the rows of teeth arranged in its jaw. The teeth in the front row are the strongest and do most of the work. Sharks gulp down their prey in whole or in larger pieces and rarely chew the food. Sharks have a carnivore’s diet and hunt for creatures like fish, squid, marine mammals such as seals and whales, shellfish and some types eat tiny animals and plants found on the ocean floor. Sharks body structure is designed in such a way that, the sides of their body have the capacity to detect any movements and this helps them to find their prey.
Sharks are known to be one of the intelligent animals and are instinct driven. These social creatures sometimes move on large schools particularly when hunting. Sharks travel in enormous speeds mostly while…

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