the village mulberry factory shop is not so depression

And if the village  mulberry factory shop is not so depression, but my imagination and, everywhere popularity could see, hear the barking or pig hum, so here except outside the flower beauty, there will be another kind of enthusiasm and driving force of the life. How can this be age are already forgotten desolate background and not a separation of the flower season and still, the two contrast great pictures together.

Looking at the bright and sunny this bleak in the dark,  really it was shocking and stand.We walked along the road like road on the unpaved paths, want here to find some possible traces to convince their villages may not yet be far away. In a small slopes, and we found a good house, put out the eaves of the stone by the door and stopped could reach the threshold of wooden door XieFengXiYu, so door has not seen the lichen. The door on the right of the open space on a few tree mustard, this is to let a person of happy found, but because long is not someone take reason straight and uneven, the way and let people doubt that they may be left of the past in there alone.

So turn head again see the only intact houses can’t help to think, it’s closed the door lock the what deep how long? It will come back to see how long the master again? He didn’t open to the door and the house may reuse the post, and let them still in this silent land keep alone sunrise and sunset is out of what kind of in the mood? And the final stand in long after, will be buried of weeds, become the wind howling and ringing of the dismal.The house next to a mountainside  is again upwards.

Even want to in the evening away  from the city to the place alone do once the daughter of village, sit in the oven burning oven before, in the red light under, quietly see the busy mother, the night so unconsciously coming.But now, I feel very surprised, because I never thought is so much depression of the scene. The houses lost roof, can’t see even if is lying on the floor of a pillar,…

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