The truth, fear not, will prevail

In the end, reality will out. You can’t stop a hurricane by calling it a snowflake.

Whoo, boy. The truth just keeps getting whacked by this gangster White House. The how-low-can-he-go bar keeps falling. Is there no bottom? Not for some time, friends, so hold on.

We learned last week that President Donald Trump does not believe his own words on videotape — words he earlier acknowledged, in explaining how a star can get away with the type of predatory behavior that has caused everyone but him to get fired.

We learned that he endorsed a website that says the pope uses magic to mastermind world events. This, after he gave a thumbs up to a media outlet that claims NASA runs a child labor colony on Mars.

We learned that he still believes 3 million fraudulent voters caused him to lose the popular vote, that no president has accomplished so much in 10 months as he, that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

We may soon learn that Trump won a gold medal in synchronized swimming. This is likely to come from a public servant being paid tax dollars to defend a dog’s breakfast of fantasy. That would be Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House spokeswoman, who crossed a big Rubicon this week.

After Trump tweeted discredited hate videos from a fringe group, he was praised by the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, but condemned throughout Britain. Even the reliably compliant Piers Morgan wrote, “Please STOP this madness and undo your tweets.”

When pressed on this, Sanders said, “Whether it’s a real video, the threat is real.” Well, I’ll be cow-kicked. There it is, from the podium that represents the most powerful person on earth: an affirmation that truth does not matter.

By that logic, it does not matter if Trump implies that someone he dislikes may have committed murder, because the threat of murder in general is real. Wait — he did that as well, in defaming Joe Scarborough on Wednesday.

It used to be that a press secretary would say, “I have no information on that.” Now it’s standard operating procedure to shrug a whatever and wait for Sean Hannity to clean it up on state-run television. That’s what happens when your boss shows signs of dementia.

See what they’re doing? If facts don’t matter, then a press that tries to deal scrupulously in facts is irrelevant. Everyone is a liar.

Trump is a hooligan to the Constitution. But he has a gaggle of people being paid very well to help him subvert…

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