The Top Trends in Content Marketing

Content marketing, as we know it is the business of creating and sharing valuable content with the end goal of building trust, creating awareness or building a brand. It is geared towards inspiring customer action. It is basically communicating with your customers without selling them anything but information that holds some value.

For most businesses, content marketing is already an integral part of their overall marketing strategies. In the grand scheme of things right now, a lot has changed. Google has adopted new methodologies in ranking pages, and internet audiences have developed new media consumption habits. These have had a dramatic effect on content marketing.

Upcoming Trends

While most of the fundamentals of creating value-adding and engaging content haven’t changed, the channels and the ways people consume said content surely has. With tablets and smartphone accounting for a significant part of how the internet is accessed, there has been a growing need to curate content that will be accessible across these channels. By making your content easily accessible, regardless of device, you will be responding to the diverse consumption habits of your customers.

Unlike in the past where content was based on a company or its industry, the new direction is content that is tailored to meet the end needs of the customers. The key, as it turns out, is engaging your target audience by providing answers to the questions that are most pressing. Instead of giving attention to the emerging trends and news within the industry, the content should be geared towards demystifying how said trends can add value to the customer.

Traffic alone is no longer the go-to metric to measure brand success. The conversion value of content is now based on the metrics that really matter. This could be anything from the number of downloads to the number of quality leads generated, sales volumes and so on.

From 2014 going forward content marketing is being looked at in a…

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