The Top 6 Reasons That Make Android Development Popular

You can hardly find a reason to ignore Android OS. The platform with more the 70 percent market share has left iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone far behind in the race. Apps for this platform are helping businesses exploring ample opportunities. This platform has now turned out to be the first choice of individual users, companies and large enterprises. The leadership of Android is not because of a by-chance factor. There are certainly some reasons that strengthening this OS to lead others. Here are those reasons:

Reasonably priced devices and apps

As end-user, you can buy an Android powered device for less than $200. No other smart phone in the market offers such affordability. The openness of Android has allowed mobile device manufacturers to freely use the OS in their low-priced smart phones. They need not to pay a single penny for obtaining the license to use this OS.

The advantages of Open Source OS

As mentioned above, Android is an open source mobile operating system. This open-source software can be customized at your convenient. You are free to modify its code to fit your device. You can also modify the OS for enterprise-specific operations.

Affordable development of apps

Not only does the OS come free of cost, but the Android application development is also quite affordable. Android app development services can be hired at reasonable prices. Even, the app launch is also quite easy. As soon as the project is complete, it can be submitted and lived. There is no need of waiting for an approval.

More the one distribution channels

Developers can distribute their apps not only from the Play Store, but from other places too. There are many third party app stores that offer Android applications. Amazon Android Store, Noble’s Nook Apps and Lenovo Enterprise App Shop are names to some leading third part app stores. Security

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