The Story Behind Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Anyone who is alive today understands that change is very much a part of life. Despite this basic truth and the obvious need for all to accept the inevitability of change, people still try all they can to stop or at least slow down the rate of some changes. One very obvious kind of change that people try to stop is aging.

From time, people everywhere have always faced this challenges associated with aging. These challenges affect people differently. In women, they have to deal with menopause and its associated symptoms both psychological and physical ones. What makes it more disturbing is that some of these changes come with pain, sicknesses and other forms of discomfort. Menopausal women for example frequently have to deal with symptoms such as weight gain, irritability, memory lapses (short term), hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and others. As a result of these state of affairs, there has been continuous efforts to find ways of curbing these symptoms.

To effectively tackle a symptom, the root cause of the problem must be found and addressed. Therefore, to an address an issue like menopause which is basically signifies a state of non-productivity of the female’s reproductive system mainly due to aging.

At this point, it would be proper to state that this is not a medical journal but an article to guide people to better results. This having been said, we would go ahead to look at what cause menopause with a view to understanding how BHRT factors in this matter.

In a woman, two hormones are basically in charge of issues regarding the reproductive system. These  hormones are estrogen and progesterone. To put it simply, menopause is simply a point where these hormones are no longer produced in the body. Of course, it begins gradually and then comes to a complete halt. During this process, the female body experiences discomfort at varying levels. The absence of these hormones are also thought to pose certain health risks.

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