The SilverLogic wins Visa Developer Prize at eMerge Americas 2017 Hackathon

“I’m very proud of these guys. They demonstrate, over and over, how to solve problems and get things done professionally and quickly. Our process is real and something that our clients can count on!” Robert Okun, Partner and CBDO.

David Hartmann, Co-Founder & CEO of The SilverLogic (TSL), is pleased to announce their winning the Hackathon at the fourth annual emerge Americas Tech Conference at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

On June 10, 2017, TSL had 24 hours to create their augmented reality app, Real Deal, at the annual eMerge Americas hackathon. Real Deal is an augmented reality application that augments your shopping experience with exclusive deals around you powered by the Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center. It is a completely functional native iOS/Alexa/Django app featuring the brand, new Apple ARKit, Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center, Visa Merchant Locator, Google Vision, and Amazon Alexa.

A member of the Real Deal team, David Hartmann reflected: “The most exciting part about the hackathon was that it gave us the opportunity to dive into some awesome technologies including: ARKit, Google Vision API, Amazon Alexa, facial recognition, and machine learning. Three wins in three years is incredible.”

How it works: Users scan nearby buildings or storefronts using their Apple device. Once the Real Deal app recognizes a store with a deal, an animation will pop up next to the logo, telling the users about the deal and allowing users to view more deals if available. Users can also experience the Real Deal from home by asking their Amazon Alexa product to tell them deals from merchants around their location.

Real Deal code is open source and available on Github (feel free to fork):

iOS code:

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