The Secrets of Wine Tasting

Wine tasting can be enjoyable while helping the taster to find out the wine’s complete character.

First you have to look at the wine to determine what color it is. The view that you choose to use will help determine the clarity of the wine. It would help to have some kind of white background; possibly a napkin, paper or even a tablecloth that will help you clarify the color of the wine.

Looking into the glass will help you determine the depth of the color, which helps give a sense of just how saturated the wine is. Red wine, for instance, isn’t always in the plain red color. It comes in a variety of colors such as maroon, ruby, blush or garnet, while white wine comes in pale yellow, golden, and straw-like colors.

Looking at the wine from a side view will show how clear the wine is. It also helps clarify the wine’s opacity. Unclear wines are those that would possibly have been unfiltered or with sediments inside it. The best sign for a good wine should be a clear look with some sparkle to it.

Once you tilt the wine glass away from you, it will be easy to get some clues to determine its age and weight. Wines that aren’t so old tend to be a little pale or watery at the edges.

Give the glass a swirl to determine the wine’s acidity or the amount of sugar in it. Dry wines tend to have fewer “legs” or “tears” running down the side of the glass while the sweet wine has more “legs” or “tears” that run much faster. For beginners in wine tasting, it is advised to swirl the glass with its base firmly seated on a flat surface. The open air swirling should be left for the experts and possibly the brave.

To be able to get a good scent from the wine, ensure that there aren’t too many scents in the surroundings which would disrupt your judgement of the wine. Give the glass another swirl and then sniff it. However, do not stick your nose into the glass, instead hover over it. The aromas that are usually got from wines are of fruits, spices and flowers….

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