The Secret To A Well Dressed Bed

How is best to organize your bed linen to make an well-designed and comfy bedroom? What style you prefer to go for needs special consideration since a well styled and organized bedroom reflects in the other parts of your life. A whole bedroom style can be made with the precise alternatives of bed linen. There is nothing superior than retiring to a glowing, organized and tidy bedroom at the end of a long hard day.

It makes more sense to have plainer walls and curtains and then add colour with your bed linen. It is human nature to want variety, so if you are stuck with the same colour time and time again you might start to wish for a change. If you have muted toned walls and similar curtains you can pretty much choose the bed linen you want. A simple change of sheets will result in a complete change of look in the bedroom and you will be left feeling fresh.

Buying a duvet set can be a lot easier since you will have completely matching pillow cases and duvet cover, simply buy the duvet with the pillow cases as a set you will not need to worry if the sheets are matching colours, if the shades go with them or not. Don’t just stop yourself with the duvet and the two standard pillows; make sure you dress your bed. On top of the two sleeping pillows buy at least two more “dress pillows”, you can get away with up to six. These don’t have to be exactly matching, just in keeping with the general colour scheme. Actually is looks better to mix and match different pillows and also have varying size. Put the larger pillows towards the back of the bed and the smaller ones at the front.

Finally for the colder months you can add a bed cover to put at the bottom of the bed. This not only doubles up for warmth but is also a great way of adding more texture to the bed if you are using the same theme. You can even have plainer bed sheets and only bring the colour in the bed throw.

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