The Rollga Foam Roller Teams Up with Darby Communications

Rollga, the leading manufacturer of the most advanced foam roller on the market, is proud to announce their partnership with Asheville, North Carolina-based PR firm Darby Communications. Effective immediately, Darby Communications will build on Rollga’s early momentum with retailers, the media and the end-user. Best known for their patented cross-directional design, Rollga foam rollers stabilize the hips, align the back and increase range of motion.

“As a young company experiencing high demand for our product, we have come to realize that outsourcing media relations will help ensure we capitalize on the best opportunities for our brand,” states Rollga co-founder Tim Schmidt. “We are pleased to have Darby Comm in our corner, especially with their deep connections in the fitness and endurance markets.”

Rollga has gone from an idea to a global brand in less than a year, and has distribution at premium fitness shops across the country, including run, cycle and yoga specialty stores. Additionally, the product is available internationally within 14 countries abroad.

“We initially tried Rollga at The Running Event and were blown away by their unique, supportive design,” says Darby Communications founder, Coral Darby. “The product is fantastic and we can’t wait to get samples in the hands of our media contacts. Additionally, we are thrilled to have the capability to provide on-demand massages at Darby HQ.”

About Rollga

Founded in 2015, Rollga is the only omni-directional functional foam roller for reversing pain caused from shin splints, stabilizing your hips, aligning your back, and increasing range of motion in your joints. The Rollga foam roller is ideal for self-myofascial release, restoration of movement, and muscle recovery….

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