The right prevention for hemorrhoids

People suffer from different digestive tract diseases such as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are inflamed and infected blood vessels around the corner of our lower rectal area in the rear end. The rear end is the last part of the colon connected to the large intestines. Hemorrhoids can be very disturbing and distressing when left untreated. It can affect you at home, at work, and in different aspects of your daily life.

Hemorrhoids develop to about 75 percent of individuals and are increasing yearly. People who are about 40 to 50 years of age may have a 65 percent chance of developing one.  The more we grow older, the greater the possibility of getting hemorrhoids. A lot should be cautious of the different aspects that may cause hemorrhoids.

Several aspects may be the cause of hemorrhoids:
1. Chronic intestinal problems, diarrhea or too much intake of laxatives or softeners
2. Straining during bowel movements can be obstructing with the normal function of the veins in the anal region.
3. Sitting on the bathroom for lengthy periods of time can cause the veins to become inflamed producing pain and itching.
4. Constipation can cause the blood vessels to be infected and fall from its regular position.
5. Deficit of fiber in the diet or poor eating habits increases the chance of getting hemorrhoids.

Practicing a mindful diet and lifestyle changes can be very helpful in the prevention of hemorrhoids. It also helps to reduce the swelling and relieves symptoms. This illness can be prevented by simple changes in our eating habits and daily routines. Mindful eating may keep hemorrhoids from getting worse and unfavorable. Eating the right food and getting the right exercise will establish a healthy bowel habit. One must avoid sitting down and standing up for extended periods of time. Heavy lifting should also be avoided for this can create extra straining on the veins.

Drinking water also helps a lot in the body. Water regulates the blood circulation and carries nutrients to cells in the bloodstream. It also removes necessary toxins and waste.

Here are answers on how to avoid and prevent hemorrhoids:

Foods for the prevention and cure of Hemorrhoids:
1. Fruits: raspberries, pears, avocado, banana, oranges, grapefruits, and other fruits rich in fiber.
2. Vegetables: spinach, broccoli, squash, green peas, and other mixed vegetables.
3. Fluids: water, fruit juice, and vegetable juice.

Foods to avoid:
1. Alcohol or processed drinks
2. White flour and refined sugars
3. Processed meat

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