The reversal of earth’s magnetic is not a spontaneous event

The 2012 reversal of earth magnetic field popularly also called as the pole shift phenomenon is significant to take into consideration when studying the events that might take place on December 21st 2012 as the latest geological surveys carried on all over the world have lately observed that the 2012 reversal of earth magnetic field has certainly occurred in the past and it might again occur in the future.

The geologists who work for the national geographic society in recent times performed surveys in Finland where they took the measurements of the magnetic fields of rock samples from certain part of the countries coastline, and their discovery was in particular very interesting since it suggests that the earth had definitely experienced a huge pole shift or the 2012 reversal of earth magnetic field in that particular area in the past. The most surprising thing about this discovery was that as they studied the data they noted that the magnetic fields of the rock samples seemed to evolve in a usual way until one precise point where all of a sudden the readings turn into the exact contradictory of the earlier samples, this is possible on if there was a impulsive pole shift that that resulted in a change in the very nature of the rocks.

On the other hand, this discovery in just the one location was not sufficient for the geologists to conclude that there had been a pole shift in the past. If they were to be sure about it, it was important to find data that similar data would be found in another location which has no direct contact to Finland at all. That is why they went forward to continue their research of the 2012 reversal of earth magnetic field in the outback of Australia.

It was very fortunate that they learned that even if the pole shift had occurred, it never occurred in an impulsive way all at once, but rather it was a slow process of the changing of poles on earth. The process took around hundreds of years, whereas this did change the…

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