The Real Value of Sports Medals to Athletes

When an athlete wins a medal, people applaud the person and sometimes envy his skill and great fortune. Probably one of the things that enter a person’s mind about such awards is the value of such a medal. How much value does such a medal cost and what does a medal mean to the athlete who won it?

Believe it or not, medals don’t really cost that much. Even Olympic medals are not really worth much in terms of monetary standing. It has been noted that bronze medals won at the Olympics don’t eve cost more than $5, a silver medal costs around $385 and a gold medal costs $675. And we are talking about the Olympics here.

Some may say that Olympic medalists actually get a lot for each medal since they get a bonus for getting these medals in these games, with the US giving gold medalists $25,000 for every gold medal they get, silver medalists bagging $15,000 for each silver and bronze medalists receiving $10,000 for each bronze. As true as this is, these medalists also get taxed for winning these medals. And yet, despite the heft taxes they have to pay for bringing pride and glory to their country, they still continue doing their best at these games.

Getting to the Olympics actually costs a lot. Training to be the best and to pass the qualifying games in every country in order to make it to these international competitions can cost a person upwards of $100,000. Some even find it hard to maintain a steady paycheck while trying to get themselves ready for these prestigious games.

Do these medals hold more than just monetary gain for athletes? What value do these sports medals really have? And what about those who win in minor athletic competitions? Do they value their medals as much as Olympians do? Are these medals worth all the pain, the cost and the effort that goes into trying to be the best at these competitions?

In reality, the real value of sports medals when it comes to the athletes who win them is not in the monetary gain or value of the medal itself. It is…

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