The Quest For The Perfect Prepaid Mobile Plan

When you search for a prepaid mobile plan, you may be most interested in cheap prepaid mobile. And for sure, it makes sense to compare prices and to scope out bargains. But the bottom-line price should be only one factor you look for in such a plan.

First, you should consider how often you make mobile calls. If you are the type of person who is on her mobile almost constantly, you’ll most likely want an unlimited plan. On the other hand, if you make relatively few calls per month, you should find it a better value to prepay for a modest number of minutes or a small amount of mobile data. And if you carry a mobile strictly in case of emergency – for example, you have one in your car were you ever to break down – then your best bet may be to prepay for a mobile plan that offers no minutes. These plans are the cheapest kinds of prepaid plans available, and you’ll only have to pay for an emergency call when you make it. (For instance, that emergency call will only cost you, say, 25 or 30 cents per minute, and many such calls don’t even last one minute.)

Sound quality is hugely important for mobile plans. If you have a relative or a friend who is currently on a certain plan that interests you, ask that person if you can make some calls on his mobile phone from a few different locations. (Of course you should offer to pay for those calls!) This experiment will give you a sense of how calls sound on that plan. If you find your calls are full of static or are interrupted more than once, you might elect to seek another plan.

If you tend to make numerous calls to landlines numbers as well as to mobile numbers, make sure your mobile plan allows you to contact landlines without any additional surcharge. Likewise, some plans represent great values for calling Australian numbers, but become expensive whenever a person makes International Calls. If you make a lot of international calls, therefore, seek out a plan specifically designed to make such calls affordable.

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